Health coaching programs designed with you in mind.  I see clients in person, using teleconference technologies or over the phone. Sign up today for a free Gateway to Optimal Health session and you will be on your way.


"Coaches give you a key role in determining your action plan, help you lay it out in a step-by-step format, and support you along the way."

Individual Clients

Gateway to Optimal Health

15-minute session to evaluate your current state of wellness and to see where you want to make improvements that will enhance how you experience your life.

3-Month Program

 A good introduction to health coaching for people who are very motivated and already have specific things they want to work on, but haven’t been able to attain goals on their own.  This is also the perfect fine-tuning for people who are committed to their wellness, but have fallen off track. Choose to meet weekly for 30 minutes or twice a month for 50 minutes. 

6-Month Program

Ideal program for someone new to the wellness scene. Perhaps a doctor has recommended some lifestyle changes that you don’t know how to implement, or you are thinking about diving in to a healthy lifestyle, but need some training wheels as you transition to habits that support your health. Whether you have an idea of where to start or are completely lost, this program is for you as we break some ingrained patterns and move you higher along the wellness continuum.  Choose to meet weekly for 30 minutes or every other week for 50 minutes.

Maintenance Program

For someone who has finished either the 3-month or 6-month program, but still wants periodic support.  These programs are custom tailored to the client’s preferences.

Online Group Programs

Offered online a few times per year, or by request, this is a great chance to get coaching in a group setting.  Groups of 4-6 with similar wellness goals or health issues meet for 60 minutes a week for 6 weeks.  Each participant receives a private 15 minute welcome session before the program starts, a 30-minute private “check-in” session halfway through the program and then a 15 minute summary session at the end of the program.  Sample topics:  Autoimmune Support, Fat Loss/Health Gain, Detox, Eating for Energy, Make Friends with Your Stress or set up a custom group on a topic of your choice.