Holly is an extraordinary coach. When I first started coaching sessions with Holly, I was dealing with major health challenges and Holly was able to facilitate a thoughtful approach to developing a sustainable pathway forward. After several weeks of working with Holly, I have a clear action plan to establish a healthier way of living. What really stands out to me, is Holly’s ability to ask questions that make you stop and think more clearly about the obstacles you face and helps you to think through realistic solutions to work through them.  The direct result of having Holly as a coach will be long lasting. I now have a workable approach to how I deal with my health and well-being over the months and years to come. The kind and generous accountability that Holly instilled in me throughout our sessions is something that I found most helpful. I now employ the same techniques Holly used to ensure I’m staying on track with healthy eating and following up with doctors. - Kelly M., New York

I started working with Holly early in 2018.  I have had digestive issues my entire life; conventional medicine has failed to help me.After discussing all my health issues with Holly, she came up with countless recommendations to lead me on a healing journey.  I am thankful to say my gut is healed, my thyroid levels and other labs are now optimized.  And as a bonus, I have realized additional positive things that I never even expected.  All of this was possible from Holly listening to my concerns and coming up with plans to overcome them.  All this healing was managed by dietary lifestyle changes and adding supplements.  No prescription medicines!!!  This healing journey has been life changing for me and I wouldn’t have known how or where to start on my own.  I can’t thank Holly enough for her expert knowledge and advice. - Martha P., Colorado

During the three months of weekly sessions I had with Holly Ladd, I have seen a complete change in the way I approach my health.  I had recently been let go from my job and wanted to make sure I was taking care of myself properly.  Holly took the time to understand my strengths, weaknesses, and habits so she could help me walk through what was going on in both my body and my mind.  Together we figured out what was best for me.  It turned out to be a simple formula for a holistic balance of food, exercise, and meditation that I tracked on a daily basis showing if I had followed the habits I wanted to incorporate.  During that time I lost 28.4 pound, I feel stronger, and I am much better able to handle stress.  However, the bigger win was finding a program I can use for the rest of my life to be healthy and mentally sharp.  I recommend Holly without reservation for three reasons.  She knows what she’s talking about, she works with you to put together a program that will work for you, and she truly cares that you find a way to be successful with your health goals. Kerry M., Chicago

I just wanted to thank you for your time and attention these past few months. Your suggestions, helpful resources and insightful questions helped me to sort through my own thoughts to find the right path for me. The email summary of our call was so helpful to remind me of my weekly action steps and to clarify and summarize our discussion; I saved the email each week to keep myself aware of my progress and intentions.Your support and guidance were invaluable and it felt great to get to goal! - Stacey P., Chicago

Holly is clearly committed and passionate about her clients overall wellbeing. This experience was significantly helpful by being more educated so I can be an effective advocate for my health. She heard key words and was able to connect issues I didn't realize where connected. The functional medicine approach is a game changer. I only wish I stared this ten years earlier.  Amanda B., Nashville

I already had many of the healthy habits Holly usually helps people with. But during our conversation Holly realized I was not confident in my cooking skills and I was getting bored with the food I was preparing. She suggested personalized cooking classesHolly is a very good listener. She customized the classes for me: recipes had to be quick and easy.  In each class she was prepared for us to make three or four dishes that introduced me to new foods and techniques. Doing, while a guide is standing by, is a great way to learn. I have already taken what she taught me to try new recipes. I have the skills and confidence to try more. I love my healthy way of eating and the new foods give me greater variety. - Bonnie S., Nashville

I don’t even know where to start when I speak about Holly Ladd and all the wonderful ideas, programs, and goals she set fourth for me during my lifestyle change this year. I was over weight and a border line diabetic taking high blood pressure medicine when I met Holly. Today, I am so proud to say I have maintained my weight loss, and to date I have lost 35 lbs. My family doctor has even taken me off of the high blood pressure medicine I was prescribed. For years I tried loosing weight and simply failed each time. The accountability aspects of Holly’s program was the key for me.  I have to say I am so blessed to have met Holly and still have her in my life today. If you want results, and you are truly ready to make that commitment for a better and healthier lifestyle change, you need to contact Holly Ladd today.”- Jeff G., Nashville

I started working with Holly as my health coach because I wanted to lose weight. What I got was far more valuable than dropping a few pounds.  Holly taught me to understand my relationship with food and exercise.  With Holly’s guidance I learned how to improve my food choices and found the motivation to join a gym! The road has not always been easy but with Holly’s guidance and patience I began, and continue, to see  improvements. Now when I put together meals or dine out, I make wiser choices based upon Holly’s expertise and the tips she has given me.    – Carolyn R., Scottsdale

Holly is very knowledgeable about health.  Her very caring and supportive ways helped me through some tough times. We shared ideas and came up with a plan for my individual needs. When I was having trouble journaling my food, she suggested that I send her a photo of every meal.  That made it fast and fun for me and it worked! She believed in me more than I did myself!  She always told me I could do it and I did! Thanks, Holly, for always being there and helping me figure out the best programs that work for me, not just diet but lifestyle changes as well. – Linda P., Scottsdale

Holly became my health coach about two years after my husband's unexpected death.  Grief-stricken and depressed, I was caught up in an unhealthy pattern of poor eating and a diet that was out of control.  Anxiety and stress, as well as a lack of energy, fueled my desire for excess food, specifically, sugar. Holly focused on the positive things in my life and showed me how to be grateful for everything I did have. She introduced me to real food, as well as important health supplements. Holly is the most knowledgable person I know when it comes to physical and emotional health. Because of her, I am truly a different person now—stronger and more independent.She is compassionate and generous of spirit, and the kindest, most caring person. She has become a true friend in every way. – Jeanne W., Scottsdale

I want to highly recommend my health coach Holly Ladd. She has helped me lose 10 of the 17 lbs I have gained in 2016. I've managed to eliminate my sugar and artificial sweetener addiction (do you also carry Splenda packets in your purse?!), start weight training again, and even recently began a 4-minute guided meditation every morning. I feel much better than I have in awhile. She is funny, non-judgmental, and designs with you a program to meet your individual goals. - Zoe D., San Francisco

Holly led us in a process of cleansing that supported mind, body and soul. The plan was easy to follow and very satisfying. It introduced me to new foods and easy ways to incorporate them into my everyday diet. It also encouraged other “self-loving” rituals to take care of our bodies. Bringing us together allowed us to share ideas, energy, successes and failures in a supportive and safe environment. - Nancy L., Nashville

Holly helped our group mentally prepare for and then execute a ten day cleanse that left me feeling refreshed, clear-headed and more energetic.  I slept better, ate better and overall took better care of myself.  Holly’s support during the process was key.  I continue to apply the knowledge I gained to living a more healthful life. - Laurie H., Nashville